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Cattle Feed
For a long time, activated carbon has been used in both humans and animals as a stomach and intestinal supplement.  For the past 100 years activated carbon has been shown to be effective in adsorbing gastrointestinal toxins and the use of bio-char for cattle feed purposes has been used in Germany and Japan for many decades.  Much of the biochar produced in Europe is used in livestock farming—whether mixed with feed or used a substrate.

Whether mixed with feed, added to litter or used in the treatment of slurry, the positive effects of bio-char are significant.  Given the highly porous nature and high surface area per gram of our bio-char, its characteristics make it similar to activated carbon. 

While more research is to be done, the health and well-being of the livestock can improve within just a short space of time and the use of biochar could herald a new age of livestock farmin

Farming animals intensively typically leads to manure management issues.  With poultry farming this manure concentration frequently: