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Earth Made Safe. Green carbon solutions for today’s business and societal needs.

Green Carbon Solutions (“GCS”) is a leader in the carbonization of biomass.  With over 30 year’s experience in pyrolysis we have deep expertise in producing high quality bio-products with specific characteristics that meet end-customer needs.  

We are driven to operate a business that (i) is a leader in the markets in which it competes, (ii) is focused on sustainability and (iii) serves the needs of all our stakeholders. 

GCS targets five key bio-char markets; (i) soil health, (ii) water remediation, (iii) animal feed and substrates, (iv) industrial bio-carbon, and (v) bio-energy and bio-oil.  

Our mission is to produce the highest quality products at the lowest cost on a sustainable basis.

GCS operates an integrated, sustainable biomass pyrolysis process with the objective of capturing and using every element of the pyrolysis process.  Using our bio-energy to support our integrated process increases our efficiency and sustainability, eliminates the need for outside energy and reduces our carbon footprint. 

With a focus on sustainability we designed our process, operations and business model to: 

  • Prioritize the use of biomass residuals and feedstock from non-virgin forests;
  • Maximize energy efficiency by recovering and using all process heat, syngas and/or bio-oil co-products;
  • Minimize our carbon footprint by producing bio-char that is at least CO2 neutral and preferably CO2 negative 
  • Produce biochar to help restore soil carbon levels denuded by modern agricultural practices and to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of industrial carbon users