Improving water quality across the globe.

whether reducing agricultural nutrient leaching, algae blooms, polluted sediments, heavy metal contamination or flood occurrence—is an increasingly urgent priority given the enormously costly economic and environmental consequences of current water management practices. Given the cost of traditional remediation approaches, many soils and water systems go untreated.
As rural and urban areas struggle to manage water quality, bio-char is gaining increasing attention among the water management industry—with both researchers and engineers—as a remediation and stabilization strategy of such sites, whether, through bulk media filters, catch basin inserts, in-ground heavy metal remediation or roof downspout treatment systems.
GCS bio-char, tested in field trials, has shown significant ability to hold heavy metals and minimize their impact on soils and water with adsorption of cadmium and lead being xxx to xxx times, respectively, more effective than soil adsorption.