GCS is driven to operate a business that is focused on sustainability and serves the needs of all our stakeholders including the environment

GCS operates an integrated, sustainable biomass pyrolysis process with the objective of capturing and using every element of the pyrolysis process. Our pyrolysis system produces more energy than it consumes and is designed and deployed without the need for additional energy infrastructure. The primary products produced by our biomass pyrolysis are bio-char, pyrolysis vapors, and heat.

Using our bio-energy to support our integrated process increases our efficiency and sustainability, eliminates the need for outside energy and reduces our carbon footprint. Bio-oil production further supports our integrated production and sustainability goals of the lowest possible carbon footprint.

We have designed our process, operations and business model to:
⦁ Produce high quality bio-char with demonstrated long-term carbon stability;
⦁ Prioritize the use of biomass residuals and feedstock from non-virgin forests;
⦁ Maximize energy efficiency by recovering and using all process heat, syngas and/or bio-oil co-products;
⦁ Minimize carbon footprint by producing bio-char that is at least CO2 neutral and preferably CO2 negative;
⦁ Minimize water consumption through a closed loop production system.

We produce and use bio-char to:
⦁ Remediate water and environmental toxicity;
⦁ Help restore soil carbon levels denuded by modern agricultural practices;
⦁ Enhance soil fertility, particularly in marginal or degraded agricultural soils;
⦁ Draw down and sequester atmospheric CO2 by creating and building a stable soil carbon sink;
⦁ Reduce the carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of industrial carbon users;
⦁ Alleviate CO2 emissions associated with decomposition and combustion of biomass residuals;