Our biomass bio-char with integrated bio-energy and bio-oil production provides sustainable and renewable bio-based products as well as carbon sequestration opportunities.

GCS operates an integrated, sustainable biomass pyrolysis process with objective of achieving capturing and using every element of the pyrolysis process. Pyrolysis vapors not used in energy production are condensed to form bio-oil. Our flexible design allows us to switch between energy production and bio-oil condensation to optimize production efficiency and meet changing customer needs.

Bio-oil is generally a dark liquid with a complex mixture of oxygenated hydrocarbons. Bio-oil is a vital source for a wide range of organic compounds and specialty chemicals. It can be refined or upgraded for fuel—bio-diesel and gasification processes—used as a chemical feedstock or processed to produce sustainable wood vinegars and organic pesticides and antifungals.
Bio-oil further supports our integrated production and sustainability goals of achieving the lowest possible carbon footprint. Our pyrolysis system produces more energy than it consumes and is designed and deployed without the need for additional energy infrastructure.