Our biomass biochar with integrated bio-energy production provides renewable energy as well as carbon sequestration through our bio-char.

GCS operates an integrated, sustainable biomass pyrolysis process with the objective of capturing and using every element of the pyrolysis process. Our pyrolysis system produces more energy than it consumes and is designed and deployed without the need for additional energy infrastructure. The key products produced by biomass pyrolysis are biochar, pyrolysis vapors, and heat. These outputs can be used in a wide range of applications.
Pyrolysis heat and vapors that are not condensed are used directly to produce sustainable energy. The vapors are combusted (burned) directly as energy for our integrated heat and energy production. Using our bio-energy to support our integrated process increases our efficiency and sustainability, eliminates the need for outside energy and reduces our carbon footprint.

All excess energy (both heat and vapors) not used in our process is used for other value-add purposes including: steam, heat, or conversion to electricity. At this time, our bio-energy is used for:
⦁ Drying biomass feedstock to enhance our process and produce a better and more consistent end product
⦁ Drying our bio-char for industrial applications
⦁ Steam for distillation processes, heating our greenhouse and for other industrial applications
We continue to explore the optimal economies of scale to produce bio-electricity.