Innovative green carbon solutions for today’s business and societal issues by offering sustainable soil, water and industrial products.

Bio-char—a sustainable, carbon rich, highly porous bio-product—is one of the most exciting new products of biomass pyrolysis.  

For thousands of years charcoal has been used for a variety of purposes including as a fuel source and as a metallurgical feedstock.  Historically, the use of charcoal has been a major cause of deforestation around the world. This is still happening in places like Asia, Africa and South America, where there is limited control over unsustainable logging of timber. 

Recently however, there has been significant research and interest in using sustainably produced biochar for multiple purposes. It has numerous applications including as a soil amendment, for water and environmental remediation, as an animal feed supplement as well as many industrial uses.

GCS bio-chars are among the highest quality. Under tightly controlled operating conditions, GCS produces bio-chars that are carbon-rich (up to 95% carbon), very low in ash (as low as 1%) and have a high surface area (as high as 625 m2/g). With very high, stable carbon content, GCS bio-chars have the ability to sequester carbon for hundreds of years, if not significantly longer.